Photo / Scanning Requirements

Photo / Image and Scanning Requirements 

These requirements will give you the best results - whether it is a single photo enhancement, restoration, glamorization, or a digital collage!

 1 - If the ORIGINAL digital image is available from your smart phone or digital camera, that is the preferred image to send.  

 2 - Images should be a minimum of 300dpi if they have already been scanned and are in digital format.

 3 - Images off of the internet, including places like Facebook, are generally low-resolution and rarely usable.  Please contact me so we can discuss options if you want to use low-resolution images.

 4 - If you are going to scan your images, make sure they are done at a minimum of 300dpi, at actual size, and that the glass is free of dust, scratches, and fingerprints.  If you are scanning glossy images, if it is possible, please gently remove any dust and fingerprints.  I have used one of those microfiber cloths with success...each paper photo is unique, damage may occur so test on inconspicuous spot before GENTLY wiping the whole photo.

 5 - Actual size: the actual size of the image.  Some scanner software will allow you to scan an image and at the same time specify a size.  If your image is 4x6, then it should be scanned at 300dpi and at a 4x6 size.  If you have a small photo (example, 2"x3") and you want it larger, please contact me so I can help you scan at the correct resolution for best results.

 6 - Images can be emailed, or uploaded to such on-line applications as (free sign-up) or you can set up a Dropbox account (also free).  If you do not want to upload to the internet and there are too many images for email, you can send us a disk containing all of the images.

 7 - Limited text is available on your photo or collage, so if you want text, please specify what and where it should go.

Generally speaking, the higher the resolution on digital images, the better.

You can contact us via email or phone for any questions or concerns you may have.  We would love to hear from you!

Our contact information is HERE.

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