Imagine how much extra time & money you could save if you had one person to help you with all the tasks of creating your advertising, marketing, and branding materials for your print, digital, and social media needs - including fixing the photos you want to use!

Our Services include:

Graphic Design:  ads, flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, post cards, event programs...if you have a paper print project, we can do it!  We can also have your project printed and drop shipped to you - usually within 7 business days of your approval of the design.

Access to a Trade Printer:  Great quality, affordable prices, fast turnaround!  Letterheads, wide variety of biz cards, post cards, flyers, brochures, promotional products.

Digital Glamorization:  digital "face-lift", digital body "plastic surgery", even out skin tone and texture, diminish circles or shadows under the eyes or around the nose, thin the body, enhance make-up.

Photo Enhancements:  digital color correction, minor dust & scratch removal, red-eye removal, adding/removing objects or people.

Photo Restorations:  digital repair of major damages such as mold,  sun or water damage, large rips, tears and scratches.

Digital Collages:  from 8" x 10" to whatever size you want with 11" x 14" being the most popular.  We can even have them printed and shipped to you if you do not have a good quality, yet reasonably priced, professional photographic print company.

Digital Photo Albums:  we can create a digital photo album from your digital photos!  No need to print your photos and then put them in an album...we build the album and can even have them professionally printed for you...from weddings, graduations, vacations, or a family reunion, a digital photo album is a great way to preserve your images and your memories!

Multi-Media Presentations:  multi-media presentations are "movies" made from your favorite photos, images, and music.  We use techniques such as panning (moving side to side) and zooming as well as a variety of transitions to create a unique and personal movie of your treasured memories.  It's more than a slide's a work of art!  

Free no-obligation quote:  We offer a free no-obligation quote, however, due to the highly subjective nature of design work, your actual costs may vary depending on how extensive any changes/additions are that you make after the quote is given.

YOUR NEXT STEP:  I will need an idea of what you need before I can give you a free quote on your project.  You can email me the particulars (click here for email), or you can call me at 817.320.7109.

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