Our prices reflect our artistry, skill, and quality results.

Your final project, including original images, can be put on a  CD/DVD and mailed to you so that you have a copy for your use and enjoyment!

Click here to see CD/DVD faces we have created for our clients.

Simple Photo Retouching:

Enlarge and/or color correct photos. . .includes minor fixes such as: red eye, blemishes, dust & a few light scratches. 

    $69 for 10 photos

     $49 for 5 photos

     $14 for 1 photo

All photos must be submitted at the same time to get discount pricing!

Professional prints are available...please contact us for the current price list.

We treat your images and photos as if they were our own:  priceless, family heirlooms.

 Clipping Path / Background Removal:

“Removing” the background in a photo while maintaining a clean edge around wanted objects/people.


    $19 - simple

     $39 - moderate

     $59 - complex

Free estimates available upon request for any of our services.

Digital Glamorization - YOU only better!

Smooth out uneven skin tone and texture, diminish circles/shadows on face and/or body, "thin" waist and hips, etc.


Single Face Only: $39 ; Second Face: $29

Face and/or Body: per hour charge applies   

Photo Restoration / Complex Retouching / Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing:

Photo Restoration:  Many or deep scratches, water damage, ink bleed thru, etc (Professional prints available, please contact us for the current price list.).

Complex Retouching:  Major blemishes, replace eyes or smile from another image,  remove unwanted objects (bottles, lamp posts, ex-boyfriends, etc).

Image Composites:  Combine elements from 2 or more images/photos into one digital image.

Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing:  Create ads, calendars, flyers, brochures, trifolds, business cards, newsletters, etc.

If you prefer to be charged by the project, please let us know at the time you request a quote.

$75 for the first hour

for each of the 2nd thru 4th hours     $60 

for each of the 5th thru 9th hours      $50 

for each additional hour after the 9th  $35

A 5-hour project would be billed:  $305 (75 + 60 + 60 + 60 + 50)

NOTE:  For any photograph(s) that need to be scanned and are larger than 9" x 12" (in any direction), there will be a $75 surcharge/photo.

Quantity and long-term contract discounts available!

Digital Collages:

Collages are designed based on the number and size of the original images.  Included in the price is a custom background and minor fixes such as blemish, red-eye, dust, and small scratch removal.

     $119  8" x 10" - max 7 photos/images

     $149  11" x 14" - max 11 photos/images

     $189  16" x 20" - max 15 photos/images

                   Additional images are $5 ea

NOTE:  For any photograph(s) that need to be scanned and are larger than 9" x 12" (in any direction), will incur a $75 surcharge/photo.

Memorial / Tribute / Personal History or Biography  DVDs (aka Movies from Photos): 

Create a movie from your song and pictures - includes panning & zooming of most of your photos, and a cross-dissolve from one photo to the next.  Other transitions available if you are interested.  If you would like text across a photo as it is being shown, or a block of text on a background “slide” (color choices are available) that option is available!

How many photos and/or text slides will you need?  As the optimum time to have a photo on the screen is about 4 seconds, with about a 4 second transition on each side of the photo (or text “slide”), a good way to estimate the number of photos needed is to allow 5 photos or text “slides” for each minute of music.  Of course, if you have a few more or few less, we will be able to work with you!

Compatiblity  We produce our multimedia presentations in a high quality DVD-R format.  They are compatible with most DVD players manufactured; however, not all manufacturers adhere to the formatting standards.  Please check the compatibility of your DVD player before ordering, as Talking Puffins Design Studio does not issue refunds due to equipment incompatibility.

NOTE:  This is NOT a slide-show; it is designed to be a "movie" and it is formatted to be played on a DVD player.

All fees include consultation, scanning of your photos, a printed CD (you choose the text and photo), and a plastic case for your CD(s) - color correction, red-eye correction, blemish, dust & scratch removal extra (based on number of photos).

4 minutes of music: $99.00 (20 - 25 photos or text slides)

5 minutes of music: $129.95 (25 - 30 photos or text slides)

6 minutes of music: $149.95 (30 - 35 photos or text slides)


Family Gift Package: $195
~ up to 40 photos and/or text slides (scanning included; color, red-eye correction, and blemish/dust/scratch removal is an extra $50)

~ maximum of about 7 minutes (up to 2 songs) of music

~ 5 printed CD’s containing your movie - you choose the text and photo!


Each Additional DVD:  $10.00

4 or more DVDs: $5 each (must be ordered at the same time)

(fee includes printing on the DVD and a plastic case)


Photo Archiving:

~  Includes scanning at 300dpi 

~  Each photo is individually color corrected

~  All photos (original scans & corrected) are put on a DVD and mailed to you

  10 -  24 photos: $3.00 ea

  25 -  49 photos: $2.50 ea 

  50 -  99 photos: $2.00 ea  

100 - 199 photos: $1.00 ea 

200 - 299 photos: $.75 ea 

300+        Let's Talk!

Minor Fixes / Simple Retouching:

~  Includes scanning at 300dpi 

~  Each photo is individually color corrected

~  Remove red-eye

~  Minimize blemishes

~  Diminish dust and light scratches

~  All photos (original scans & corrected) are put on a DVD and mailed to you


  10 -  24 Minor Fixes: $5.00 ea

  25 -  49 Minor Fixes: $4.00 ea

  50 -  99 Minor Fixes: $3.50 ea 

100 - 199 Minor Fixes: $3.00 ea

200 - 299 Minor Fixes: $2.00 ea

300+        Let's Talk!

 Prices subject to change without notice.

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